Canada Work Permit Visa- Everything You Need to Know

What is Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa?

A Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa, is handed out to suitable overseas people to work in that country for a certain period of time.

People are required to apply for a Work Visa only after receiving a job invitation or an employment agreement from a Canadian employer. The employer must obtain from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), which provides them authorization to recruit foreign qualified workers for employment that cannot be filled in by citizens or permanent citizens of Canada.

As one of the world’s prominent economies, Canada is an incredible goal for people striving to work abroad. The Canadian Work Permit Visa enables business people, permanent workers, temporary workers, students and others to operate in Canada. Generally, applicants are required to have an employment proposal in hand in order to apply for the work permit visa. 

Eligibility for Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa

Applicants need to exhibit proof that they are capable of taking up the employment proposal. To apply for a Canada Work Permit from outside of Canada, you are expected to fulfill specific regulations. The Canada Work Permit Visa is excellent for temporary workers, foreign graduates from Canadian universities, businessmen and others who prefer to work in Canada.

Common Eligibility Requirements

Provide  confirmation to an officer that you will move out of Canada on the expiry of your Work Permit.

Maintain documents indicating that you have adequate reserves to aid yourself and your family during your visit in Canada

Carry no history of any illegal action and deliver a police clearance certificate as evidence.

Ensure that you are not a danger to Canada’s security.

Need to have good health and carry a medical exam if needed.

Do not plan to work for an employer named as ineligible by the government because they failed to accept distinct conditions.

Need to be prepared to furnish any documents mandated by officers to authorize your admission to Canada

Documents needed to apply for Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa

A valid passport with a validity of more than 6 months from the calculated date of coming to Canada.

Two recent passport-sized photographs

Proof of professional qualifications, including work experience

Medical examination expected to be done from registered hospitals.

Various type Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa

There are two types of work permits given by Canadian authorities- open work permit and an employer specific work permit. 

An open work license essentially enables you to work for any employer. This visa is not job-specific, so applicants do not need the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or an offer letter from an employer who has reimbursed the compliance fee.

With an open work permit you can work for any employer in Canada except for those firms that do not acknowledge with labor laws or are involved in employment like escort services, erotic massage or exotic dancing.

The employer specific work permit as the word implies is a permit that enables you to work for a specific employer.

Conditions on Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa

While the employer specific work permit refers to a single employer, the open work permit can appear with distinct limitations which will be written on it. These include:

  • Category of work
  • Areas where you can work
  • Interval of work

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