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In industry since the last decades, Canborder is a full-service Immigration and Placement Consulting Agency that specializes in legal representation of foreign nationals to Canada federal government immigration application.

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Leading immigration consulting firm specializing in immigration solutions in Dubai, UAE

Canborder is a Canadian Immigration Consultancy and Placement company based in Dubai, UAE. It is widely considered one of the most well-respected immigration law firms in UAE.

In industry since the last decades, Canborder is a full-service Immigration and Placement Consulting Agency that specializes in clear advising and representation of all foreign nationals in their Canada immigration application, whether it be on a permanent basis (as a permanent resident) or temporary basis, as a worker, student or visitor.

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Our Services

Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Migration visa is an extensively prominent aspect of permanent migration and is also inferred as Permanent Residence Visa…

Citizenship by Investment

This citizenship is rendered to investors and wealthy people in most countries…

Business Immigration Visa

These days, the world is slowly growing to be one huge village called the global village with endless opportunities and options.

Student Visa

Student’s visa is one of the most important thing one requires to study abroad and we can assist you to acquire the same.

USA/Green Card

This program starts with a prescient mobilization of the U.S. economy through new job creation and investment by foreign investors.

Family Visa

Family Visa provides you the means to reside and move from country to country with all of your entire family.



Among so many firms providing immigration services, what sets us apart is the quality of services that we provide. There are many kinds of immigration services that we provide like VISA formalities, legal assistance, proper guidance for all the documentations and many more. We understand the relevance of a responsibility and the size of our role in the entire immigration process. Therefore, we know how crucial it is to help our customers and assist them on time by furnishing them with proper instructions and guidelines. The process which could be tiresome in the absence of a good functioning agency can be equally easy and simple with our presence. We understand the time and effort required in all these processes and respect the same. Our quality services is one of the factors that customers choses and suggest to others with similar requirements.

Finest assistance

Providing proper guidelines and a step of instructions is very easy for any agency. But the real task lies in assisting the clients in almost all the steps required to receive the end goals. We ensure that clients get all sorts of suggestions and instructions related to the services which they require from us. We focus on clarifying all sorts of doubts and go ahead with the clarity expected from our assistance. If required, our experts are more than happy to help you get clear about all your concerns related to all sorts of official and legal formalities. Our team is specialised and experienced in working with our clients closely for all issues and responsibilities. You can reach out to our team at any time during our working hours and you wouldn't be disappointed. Because we know the common commotion that could take place during visa related issues.

Group of experts

Experience matters a lot. We have a finally curated group of professionals who know that job very well and are great when it comes to advice, suggestions and instructions. For almost all the queries and doubts regarding the entire emigration related processes, you can connect with them and get all of the doubts clarified in no time. Our experts are specialised to help you in the entire process of immigration. Their years of experience works wonders with the consultation as well as problem solving tasks. Our group of experts have come across diverse areas of issues that could possibly arise during the process. They are well aware of the solutions of the same! So, it becomes very easy to undertake the whole process under their supervision and guidance.

Best prices

We believe in charging for the services that we provide and by services we also focus on the quality that we have to offer. We decide a price as per the requirements received from the user end. We are keen on explaining to them about the entire charging policies and why we are charging the amount that we are charging. We believe that transparency in the pricing policies are very crucial to build a strong relationship with the customers. Informing them about the prices is very important and necessary so that they understand the efforts and acknowledge the fact that we are keeping the pricing policies in alignment with our services and their requirements. So, with us, you can be relieved of safe and honest pricing policies.


Lisa's Story

CanBorder's executives were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedule to speak with me over the phone. Very personable and knowledgeable, they helped me feel comfortable and confident about the future of my case. Thank you so much!

“CanBorder helped us with the application for our PR card and visa waiver. We were able to get our PR in just nine months after filing our applications. We highly recommend their services..”
“As an immigrant myself, I can tell you that the company is indeed helpful. Their agent was able to give me some good, useful info by telephone. And especially for those of us working abroad or studying abroad, I highly recommend this company.”
“When seeking permanent residence status in Canada, I sought assistance from Canborder. Their service was friendly and professional, helping me through every step of the process. Now I have my permanent residency card on time and without any worries. Thanks to the entire Canborder team!"

Frequently Asked Questions.

A “green card,” issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), provides proof of lawful permanent resident status, with authorization to live and work anywhere in the United States. Most green cards must be renewed every 10 years, but conditional green cards based on marriage or investment must be replaced after the first 2 years.

No, in most cases you don’t need a job offer. But, you will need one if you: are eligible for either the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and. do not have enough money to support yourself and your family in Canada.

Main Immigration programs of Canada, such as Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)offer you the pathway to apply Canada PR without a job offer.

The four main categories of immigrants to Canada are: the Family Class members (closely related persons of Canadian residents living in Canada), Economic Immigrants (Canadian experience class, skilled workers and business people), Humanitarian and Compassionate applicants (people accepted as immigrants for humanitarian purposes

Canada consistently ranks as one of the most expensive places to live in the world, though it also has one of the world’s highest median incomes. In fact, the median income in Canada is approximately $37,800, which is among the top 20 in the world. However, with high median incomes come high costs of living.